How Evernote Helped Me Lose 13 Pounds

I have written about the wonders of Evernote before. I truly love Evernote. I love it even more now.

I have 2 magazine subscriptions. I love both magazines – Martha Stewart Living and MaryJane’s Farm. Both are really good and I always find inspiration in each edition that arrives in my mailbox.

And for that reason, I keep each magazine. *Bad habit*

But then! I discovered that Evernote can store scanned images of the articles that I love best and they are searchable (in Premium). I was sold. Uploading them to the cloud makes them available on the go too, which is important when I need that picture of that thing I saw Martha do to  buy the right stuff to do it just like Martha.

I sat down today and scanned and imported into Evernote all those articles from a years worth of magazines. Then all the magazines and papers got sent out to the recycle bin. 13 pounds of paper, people!

That’s 13 pounds of magazines that I won’t be packing and moving or tossing and wishing I could have kept for the glorious ideas. Cause now the ideas are searchable in the cloud and accessible on every device I own.

Thanks Evernote!


Project Life Weeks 4 + 5

I get more and more excited to see these pages, how quickly they come together and how much I love that little snippets of our day are recorded like this. So glad I decided to do this!





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