Wild Weekend of Work


We got up and out the door early. I had been looking forward to this because I wanted a legitimate break from working on the house. First stop was Chikaflay for breakfast. Then it was on to the home show. We learned so much and got so many ideas for the house it was crazy. We came home with about 30 pounds of flyers and brochures and business cards. It was totally worth the time to go.


We slept in for the first time in a long time. That was so nice! We got up and I went and got breakfast and then we started working on the bathroom. Party Boy and MOTS did most of the work cutting and laying tile up there to replace the awful linoleum that had been in there. It took all day and we were all exhausted by the end of the day. Chaos even fell asleep watching Cars at about 8:30.

While they were doing that I was busy cleaning out the office. I put about 20 pounds of stuff in recycling and charity baskets. A small bag of trash too. I was able to purge quite a few more magazines and then packed away more stuff.

New tile on the bathroom


Church. Then home and back to work. I started peeling the wallpaper border off the walls in the girls room. I think that were I in a greek myth, my mythological punishment would be peeling wallpaper off of a wall and having it grow back overnight. I hate wallpaper. Party Boy and the girls eventually wandered in and helped, which made it go much faster. All that’s left are the areas behind the big furniture. We’ll have to get those when we clear out for new carpet.

We also spent a bit of time picking paint colors and then I went to Sonic for dinner. Yummy!

Sonic Good



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