Dyslexia – Part 2

Monday morning, bright and early, we loaded up and drove downtown to Luke Waite. We checked in and waited until they were ready to start testing Hollywood. She went back and got started and we waited. And we waited.

She went for about an hour and a half then got a little break. We got her a box of popcorn to snack on during break time. My kids will tell you that Scottish Rite makes the bestest popcorn ever!


There was a lot to look at in the waiting area. Magazines, a couple of computers, a huge fish tank, and a really cool giant tangram wall. Nobody was really bored, but I was (and still am) anxious. Was she doing her best? What would the results be? Would they be able to help her?

She was able to tell me a little bit about the testing, but I don’t really know the details, since I wasn’t there. She was tired afterward. There were lots of listening exercises, some reading, some speaking exercises. That’s about as much as I got.

Fish tank

At just after noon she was finally done. They did a quick hearing and vision screening (she can hear and see just fine) and we left. We’re told that we’ll get another appointment in a few weeks to come in and hear the results and plan of treatment, if any. Now we wait.

In the interim I am trying to get appointments scheduled left and right. Dentist, doctors, home appointments. All while staging the house and dealing with the trauma of losing our dog.

He passed away on Sunday. Unexpectedly. It was a shock and I am not really ready to write about it. But I will. Eventually.

We have an evaluation for ADD and/or other focus disorders next week. We’ll see what the doctor has to say and go from there. In the meantime, we press on. We still do math. We still practice reading. We still write. We still spend lots of time outside. Life goes on.


On a related note, if you are a Half-Price Book customer (like me!) and have ever wondered where the donated children’s books go?


Here’s one place that benefits. The kids at Luke Waite, receiving services for dyslexia can pick books, free of charge, to practice with at home. I am sure that there are other places in the hospital with these carts. So, just know that real kids are benefitting from your generosity. Thank you!


I am documenting our journey through the world of possible dyslexia and/or ADD, if you’d like to know more about our story, you can find it here.


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