Today, April 21, 2011


Outside my window… Alternating between cloudy and drizzly and warm and sunny. True spring. I love both equally, the cozy feeling of a spring shower and the glorious sun streaming in the windows.

I am creating… A show-able house. I think it’s finally done. The measurements are taken, the pictures done. The listing goes live in the morning. Today is the last day that we can “live’ in the house. Starting tonight it has to sparkle. Stressed? Yes.

I am going… to relax tonight. I want to catch up on Project Life. I want to watch some trashy TV. I want to do anything but obsess about the house.

I am reading… The Centurion’s Wife. Starting “The Help” soon for an online book club discussion.

I am hoping… for a quick sale. Not holding my breath, but a girl can hope, right?

I am hearing… television playing, movement in the kitchen and children chattering.

Around the house… Not much left. Lots of stuff has been boxed up and is in storage. Little odd and ends to take care of though.

One of my favorite things… Kindle books. No clutter. No stacks of books. Instantly available around the clock and many for free!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Clearing up a few little touches around the house. Scrapbook layouts. Sleep.

Here is a picture to share…

Me time


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