And the verdict is…

We met with the folks at the Luke Waite Center for Dyslexia yesterday morning. Over the course of 45 minutes we found that Hollywood is behind in reading (no surprise, that’s why we were there to begin with), and on grade level, if not a little ahead, in math. Again no surprise.

They confirmed that she is ADHD Innattentive type. A diagnosis that we got from our pediatrician, so confirmation was nice.

The real problem? She’s not dyslexic. So we’re thrown into the difficult place of limbo again. Again.

See, with ADHD Inattentive Executive function is affected. That translates to everything organizational. From being able to organize thoughts in writing to being able to find needed papers. In reading, it affects the ability to organize what they see on the page. They’re consistently inconsistent.

So where does limbo come in?

She might also have a Verbal/Language disorder. Which closely mimics Executive function in how it affects reading and comprehension. Lovely.

Scottish Rite doesn’t test for or treat these issues. So we now have to pursue another avenue of testing and possibly treatment.

On the one hand, I am glad she is not dyslexic. It feels like one more hurdle has been removed in the race for answers. On the other hand, I am disappointed because it feels like at least dyslexia would have been an answer.

Onward and upward right?

The next step

They recommended that we start at the beginning. Again. We are going to a new program – Explode the Code. Thankfully, they have an online option, which I am hoping is set up in much the same way as Teaching Textbooks. Limiting the information in front of her seems to be the best way for her to learn. Eliminate distractions. That’s the motto these days.

We have a contact to call to arrange for further Language testing. So we will pursue that. If it turns out to be a problem we’ll start services. If not, at least we will have eliminated another hurdle.

And that’s the plan. Keep eliminating hurdles in this marathon. Keep eliminating the hurdles until all that’s left is a straight run forward.

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3 thoughts on “And the verdict is…

  1. Ginger says:

    I am glad you had some confirmation on some of the aspects. I am sorry that you didn’t get all the answers. I know how that feels. A diagnosis means you can set a course of action and you know what you are up against. No diagnosis means you are just taking shots in the dark. I get that frustration.

    If you would like I can ask our speech therapist for any unofficial recommendations of who to contact. Or I can ask our case worker for a list of options in the area for language testing.

    I hope that you find the answer soon…for you and for Hollywood! You guys will be in my thoughts.

  2. cara says:

    my best friend there has 4 kids and all 4 of them have had different reading issues diagnosised…she has used several spec. tutors specific for such.. also, remember your school district is available for speech and some testing/services even if you homeschool…

  3. Shawn says:

    Hello! Interesting about your suspicions of dyslexia not confirming! I just had a thought that might help… we just ordered a kindle for my (dyslexic) son, because you can adjust the line spacing (crucial) and font size. Would that help your child? It cuts down on information coming at you when there is plenty of white space between lines for reading, so it’s far less distracting than regular books.

    While it looks like you will be on a different route, there may be some resources that are suggested for dyslexic kids that may still benefit your daughter, since dyslexics also need to focus on less coming at them.

    Good luck!

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