Explode the Code Online

I mentioned a couple of day ago that we were going to try out Explode the Code Online for helping Hollywood in her reading journey. We’ve used it for the last 2 days and I am happy to report that she really likes it.

What still remains to be seen is what the results will be.

I like it because…

1. As I hoped, there is one problem on the page at a time. This significantly reduces the distractions that she has in a regular workbook and allows her to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. I attribute this to the fact that she isn’t focusing on how much work she has to complete she just works.

2. There is a built in reward system. For every section completed the student earns a “sticker.” You can also set it up so a “FUN” button appears after a set number of sections are completed, or a time limit is reached. This opens up a page of outside links for online game play.

3. It is constantly evaluating her performance. When we first opened the program it placed her in the 5th level assessment (short-a words). She worked through several lessons and worked her way to the next assessment level. This continues until she struggles and then the program bumps her back to review the troubling concept. This is great because it eliminates the waste of time reviewing and stressing those concepts that she already knows.

4. I can see how her performance stacks up against other students using the program and also against state standards (for California).

Explode the Code Online is $65 for one child for 12 months. This feels like a bargain, in my opinion, for all of the reporting and assessment and customization that you get.

I will report back after we have used the program for a time on our progress!

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One thought on “Explode the Code Online

  1. We haven’t tried the online version but we love explode the code! My 8 yo is currently working on book 7, she is so sad to know that there is only 1 book left! My 4 yo is working on Get Set for the Code and begs me to do it everyday! I’m sure that you guys will love it!

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