Focus on April 2011

Focusing on the events of February 2011

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?

The Justice Game

The Secret Holocaust Diaries

The Little Known

Martha Stewart Living

These are all reviewed by me (including stars) + linked to Amazon on this page.

What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?

Due Date, Criminal Minds: Season 2, 3 + 4, Lie to Me: Season 1, The Real Housewives of Orange County + New York, Bones, CSI, Hawaii 5-0, CSI:Miami

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?

We drove down to San Antonio for a weekend at the Hyatt Hill Country and spent the day at Sea World San Antonio. We took the Ultimate Seafari Tour (expensive, but totally worth it!) and had the park to ourselves for a couple of hours. We fed dolphins and petted them, and we fed sea lions. We even got to see the new 1-week old baby sea lion with his mama. Very cool!

Easter was celebrated at church, and the Easter Bunny came through with some yummy chocolate bunnies. The Easter Bunny was super careful even to not bring candy that MOTS couldn’t eat with her new braces. Good bunny.

What gifts did I give and/or receive?

I got a new t-shirt at Sea World and the kids all got souvenirs as well. Party Boy got a hat. Easter was low-key. All the kids wanted was choclate bunnies and that’s exactly what the Easter Bunny brought.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

I spent a small fortune on paint and stuff for the house this month. Getting a house ready to go into a competitive market is tough. Painting was a week and a half process. It might have taken less time if I had help, but the time was running out so I painted by myself while Party Boy was on the road. Not ideal, but it got done.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

I had two more fillings put in. Yay.

Captain Chaos was under the weather this last week, which is a bummer, but kids get colds, so we deal. All in all, not a terrible month for illness. We probably had the most mild allergy season I have had in years. Don’t know what’s up but I have been taking a Vitamin D supplement and have head that can sometimes play a role.

What were my accomplishments this month?

Focus on Family – We had a weekend when my MIL kept the kids, but we spent most of the time doing stuff for the house. We were still able to go out and enjoy a nice dinner and talk.

Chores have sort of been put on hold. For one thing, the house is on the market which translates to empty and therefore not much needs to be done. It’s basically moved to assigned jobs, which is working out, and will stay that way for the time being.

The family activity of the month was San Antonio. In addition to Sea World we also visited the Riverwalk for dinner and played in the awesome hotel pools.

Focus on Fitness – I spent a week and half going up and down a ladder painting. I have basically been a blur of motion this month. So, definitely moving more. Eating less, but eating crap. Lots of take-out to make up for not wanting to trash the kitchen and generally being too tired to cook. Still managed to drop another 3 pounds! Yay!

Focus on Hearth & Home – Flylady consistency. Awesome here. We have zero clutter. Unfortunately we can not live like this. There are things that I love packed away in storage becaue they don’t help the house to show well. We did get rid of over 200 pounds of stuff this year so far. So that’s good!

Home improvement projects – This house is done. Finally.

Declutter – A total of 200 pounds of clutter went to charity this year, plus who knows how much got sent out in trash!

Focus on Hobbies – I completed XX layouts so far this year towards my goal of 211. Here are the ones from April:

PL_Week_13_L PL_Week_13_R ADHD PL_Week_14_L Week_14_R PL_Week_15_L PL_Week_15_R


Reading has picked up and I finished 2 books and started 2 more this month.

What were my disappointments this month?

A complete loss of personal balance. I spent the majority of the month completely and utterly focused on the house. Misery! Also frustrating to still not have a definitive diagnosis for Hollywood. Still working on that one. *Sigh*


One thought on “Focus on April 2011

  1. Ginger says:

    We have been to that resort before. So lovely and relaxing…that was before kids…and actually before I was married! LOL

    We went to the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa last July for the annual TAMF meeting and everyone loved it so much we are going back this year. It is by far the best resort we have been to and the children’s water park is AMAZING!

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