Project Life ~ Week 18

The thing that is most wonderful about this project is that it is infinitely customizable. This week I had so many pictures! No room for journaling so I am including an extra page for journaling in between.

Left Side


Top: Crosses in the church where my cousin got married, the kids looking out the back doors of a model home.

Middle: Chaos’ leg (surprise photo), Chaos drinking ketchup with a straw, Party Boy throwing stuff out at the dump, Blankie

Bottom: A very gloomy day

Right Side


Top: Chaos posing, Hollywood recovering, MOTS cheesing

Middle: Chipotle for dinner, Me watching TV, Chaos’ Zoolander face

Bottom: Hollywood working on Explode the Code, Chaos working on letter flash cards, applesauce

Journaling for this week

This was one of those weeks where the volume of photos that I took surprised me.

Friday we went out to my cousin’s wedding rehearsal. It was nice to see my family and the kids were all excited to be a part of the wedding. Saturday we participated in said wedding. It was a lovely ceremony and reception. After the wedding we ended up back at my parents house for the night – dinner at Logan’s and video games until bedtime. Unfortunately a monster cold front moved through and brought with it a bunch of storms.

Sunday was very cold and rainy, which really hurt attendance at our open house. Sunday night the girls performed in their church choir performance. They both did great and MOTS rocked her solo/duet. We went out to Freddy’s for our annual after concert dinner with MeMaw and PePaw.

The first half of the week went really well. No showings, but we got lots of schoolwork done and I got laundry done. Thursday we all had to get up very early and Hollywood reported to the oral surgeon for surgery to correct her tongue-tied little tongue. She handled the surgery pretty well. Poor thing was numb for several hours but she really did enjoy getting to eat ice cream and pudding and applesauce for two days.

I am really trying hard to include the pictures that the kids take when we are out and about. Surprisingly, they are getting pretty good with simple composition and picking subjects. They love it when I hand them the phone/camera and I love getting little surprise pictures when I upload from my phone.

Because of the surgery we had a pretty low-key end to our week, mostly hanging around the house and watchig T.V. Party Boy and I took out the playset in the backyard to answer complaints by people looking at the house. It was bittersweet to be sure. So Friday night’s “date night” was a trip to the dump to dispose of the remains of the playset. Smelly, gross, disgusting? Yes. But the backyard looks a lot bigger and we have had increased interest in our house.

An eventful week, full of everyday type days with a little excitement thrown in for good measure. My kind of week.


One thought on “Project Life ~ Week 18

  1. Tara says:

    Hey Girl!
    Love the pictures of the crosses at the wedding – beautifully done. 🙂
    I also love the applesauce .. have you heard that Kenny Chesney song “a couple years of up all nights and a few thousand apples later” … that’s what it reminds me of – awesome job! Great as always!

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