1,000 Little Blessings

I haven’t yet finished my Project Life layout for this week, so I’ll be sharing those probably tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought I would share this idea that I hit on in the grocery store parking lot. Several of my online friends currently post a thankful post once or twice a week. I tried that, but wasn’t consistent, so dropped it. But since my post lat week on my recent struggles I started focusing on ways that I could be more in the moment and appreciative of my current life, rather than focusing on those things that I can not change!

Over on Pinterest I started seeing homemade journals – specifically, gratitude journals. I recalled back when Oprah made gratitude journaling the thing to do although I didn’t participate. And truthfully, right now is not th time for me to buy or make a special journal. But I blog most days and I have my Dashboard open almost all of the time, so posting a list of little blessings once a week (or, let’s be honest, once in a while) feels do-able. It’s something that fits where I am right now.

The goal? Post 1,000 little blessings. Normally, I would start with stuff like my family, my house, etc. Those are definite blessings. Huge blessings. The purpose of this, though, is to focus on all of those little things that I take for granted or simply ignored in my transition related funk.

1. Sleeping in. I can make my own schedule and so can Party Boy, to some extent. We both get a lot of work done after the kids are in bed, so we have started staying up a little later. It’s nice to be able to sleep a little later too.

2. Fun flavors of coffee creamer. French Vanilla will always be my first creamer love, but I enjoy mixing it up now and then. Current fixation – Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer. Deeee-Wish-Us.

3. A reliable vehicle. There is a certain peace that comes with being relatively sure that when you put the key into the ignition that the car will actually start. I remembered this one as the kids and I were out running errands. While we could have walked home from almost anywhere we went today, it would have been a long walk, and while the weather is nice now, it won’t be for long. 2-5 miles in 100°+ weather? Thanks. I’ll pass.

4. Cold fronts in May. This time last year we were pushing 100° days already. The early heat killed my garden and led to pest infestation on my young plants and kept us house bound for months. This year we are actually able to enjoy spring and get outside without feeling like we are going to melt.

5. Identification. Truly, you can’t do much of anything without proof of identity. Can you imagine trying to start from scratch and prove that you are who you say you are? I’m not talking about identity theft either – but trying to establish your identity to begin with. It takes money, but you can’t get a job without I.D. Or a driver’s license without a SSN. Or an SSN without a birth certificate. It’s even tricky trying to get a copy of a birth certificate these days! Definitely something I take for granted.


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