Project Life ~ Weeks 19 + 20

I have seen so many times in the last couple of weeks: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” I like it. It makes me feel a little better about relying so much on my camera phone for photos. I always have it with me. My big DSLR is great, but even when I know we’ll have photo opps (like at Legoland) I sometimes leave it at home when I know that I’ll be alone with the kids – too much to juggle and I tend to get lost behind the lens. At any rate, I love that I have these pictures, even if they aren’t the best or highest quality.

Week 19


Captain Chaos and the hot dog straw. Chick-fil-a – a favorite restaurant. Chaos photographs Mr. Potato Head’s mustache. Work at the library.


Me after a haircut. Birthday girl! Chaos’ cake face. Weird weather shots.

Week 20


Enjoying jazz at the Art Festival. Playing Rock Band. Me by Captain Chaos. My feet. Watching the ducks. Hollywood’s baptism.


Legos during school. The outside sign. Me – for new avatars. Tickets. With our new friends.

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One thought on “Project Life ~ Weeks 19 + 20

  1. Tara says:

    Girl I LOVE that you used the home print from eighteen25 and used it in your book! Awesome! I was thinking … I LOVE this, but have no idea where to put it – you’re awesome!

    Feel free to stop by my blog 🙂

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