Little Blessings

6. Sunny Skies – After the storms earlier this week? Yeah. It kind of goes without saying that sunny skies are a blessing. My thoughts and prayers are with those more deeply affected than we were.

7. A Lawn Mowing Crew – So, it may sound spoiled, but truthfully, I don’t enjoy mowing, edging, weedeating, etc. I can tolerate it when Party Boy and I work together because then it takes about 40 minutes start to finish. By myself, it’s closer to a 2 hour job. I knew that with the house on the market I wanted to be able to focus on the inside of the house this spring and summer (and I didn’t really want to be out in the 100° weather doing yard work either). So, I convinced him to get a crew. We found a really nice man just starting a company and he and his guys come mow once a week. The yard always looks great and it takes them about 20 minutes. Wonderful!

8. In-season veggies – It makes me sad that I can’t have a garden this year. But I am thankful that we have good veggies at the store!

9. A Grill – When it gets really hot it’s nice to be able to cook outside and not heat up the house!

10. Text Messaging – Seriously handy for keeping in touch when Party Boy is on the road. He responds to these better than email or voicemail. And I love hearing the little jingle.


I am counting the small blessings in my life as they occur to me. You can see all of my 1,000 Little Blessings posts here.


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