Happy Back Day!

Our day had a super early start – 6:30 a.m. – so we could head to the hospital and wait out my Mom’s back surgery with my Dad. We got up, got going and drove out to the back hospital and surgery center and arrived about 7:40. Mom had been back in surgery since about 7:10.


We had a plethora of electronic entertainment and free wi-fi. We were pretty set. We waited.


And waited.


And then she was done. Once we got the news Dad went back and talked to the surgeon. Everything went well, Mom was fine. Two hours in recovery before we could see her. So we went to lunch at a nearby mall.

Right as we were getting settled when we got back to the hospital the patient coordinator came to get us and take us back to see Mom.

She was pretty drugged (a good thing!) and groggy so we didn’t stay long. I took the kids back to Mom and Dad’s house to play with the dog.

We went back around dinner time to take Dad dinner and see Mom, who was much better and more coherent than when we left.

So, her back is fixed and we’re happy, but hoping that the pain subsides quickly!

Love you Mom!

P.S. Happy Anniversary you guys. I still say you should find a better way to spend it next year!


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