All is right again.

Mom came home from the hospital today. I think she set some kind of record in recovery. She’s still in pain and taking pretty strong pain meds, but she’s home. We all know that a hospital is no place to get rest, so I am hoping that every day will get better as she’s able to rest at home.

We’re back home, too. The kids are playing and I am about to start working on a couple of Disney pages. I find it a fabulous way to remember the trip and revisit a really magical place and time.

Life is back on track. Love you Mom! Still praying for a super quick recovery!


Here’s a layout I did for the Log Your Memory Challenge Week #25 – It’s All Relative.


Journaling – In September of 2002 the girls and I went to see my grandparents in Kansas. We got to see my Great-Grandmother that trip. I am so thankful that we got that opportunity. We didn’t get to see her often, so this was a gift. We had a really nice time that trip. It was like we had never been gone. I miss Grandma. 

I used Standing Alone Vol. 1 Templates and Roots and Branches, both by Trixie Scraps Designs. It’s probably a favorite layout of late, just because I love that my Grandma got to meet Hollywood. I wish she was still around to know Captain Chaos. I think she’d really enjoy him!

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