Summer Epicness

Today is my birthday. That alone makes for an epic day. Ha!

It was hot today. Like liquid heat. The kind that fills your nose and mouth the minute you step into it and makes your eyes water. It’s the kind of heat that liquifies the tar in the road and makes it sticky and impossible to clean off the bottom of your partially melted flip-flop. That kind of heat.

The girls had VBS this morning and after we dropped them off Chaos and I went out to McDonald’s for breakfast. Living the high life right here, y’all. We had a nice, leisurely breakfast and then I cleaned the house up so I could go shopping guilt-free.

We hit Michael’s with my 40% off coupon and scored a new paper trimmer, colored pencils and a Micron pen. Random, but that’s how I roll. Then it was over to JoAnn’s cause they’re right together and I wanted to see if they had anything good. Nope.

Hit the library. Took this picture:

Dinosaur book! His current favorite.

The boy is completely in to dinosaurs in a way that the girls never were. He wants to know their names and a multitude of other facts and figures. We came home with two dino books and a turkey book. “Turkeys eat acorns!” Or so I am told. Thanks Wild Kratts!

Back to the house for some lunch and then I dived into planning our first week of school. We’ll be starting a new year on July 5th.

Picked up the girls and came home to change into bathing suits and grab towels, then off to the pool for some cooling relaxation. I totally forgot to put the shade in the windshield and was treated to that charred flesh feeling when I sat down. Let the truck run for a second to cool the steering wheel off enough for me to steer with the tips of my fingers.

Blasted “Livin’ On a Prayer” on the way home. Sang at the top of my lungs. It’s a forever summer anthem, am I right?

Came home. MOTS made dinner for the 12 and under set. Party Boy called and asked what he could pick up on his way home from the airport. Rosa’s? Yes, please. Tacos and rice and beans and chips and guacamole, followed by soapy pillows or nigh-nigh do-dos. Whatever. They’re yumminess in a bag.

We’ll eat and watch TV. Maybe a movie. I’ll do some more planning. Or not.

And tomorrow I’ll wake up ready to face the start of my 35th year. Bring. It. On.


2 thoughts on “Summer Epicness

  1. Jennifer says:

    Now that we are the same age again, I’d like to register a complaint regarding your use of the term “35th year.” I don’t like it one bit. It makes us sound like we’re 35.

    And we’re not.

    We’re SO not.

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