Homeschool Mother’s Journal | Week 1

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week… Besides celebrating Independence Day, we started our new school year (hence the switch back from the summer icon).

In our homeschool this week… We started Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 this week. Ancient Egypt is a great place to start. MOTS has been through Ancient history once before, so that makes it a little easier for me to turn over the reins to her a bit as far as her own education goes. This will be Hollywood’s first time through. She seems to like it, I mean, what kid doesn’t enjoy archeology and mummies and such (the cartoony versions anyway).

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… It’s hard to be in the homeschooling community and not hear about Donna Young and the amazing resources that she shares. It’s almost exclusively what I am using this year to plan our days. I am in love with her Excel planner – and yes, it works in Numbers (which is what I use on my Mac) beautifully.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Last night we went to the library so MOTS and Hollywood could attend a presentation given by the FBI. It was very neat, and I really appreciated the emphasis that the agent placed on internet safety and how to stay safe out and about. I know it’s all stuff that I say, but somehow hearing it from an authority figure made it a little more real to the girls. The agent also explained that CSI was not an accurate reflection of crime fighting. Crushed me, that one did. Hee!

While they were attending that talk Chaos and I looked at all of the children’s magazines (he loved Nat Geo Kids) and every dinosaur resource book on the shelves. So pleased that he loves books so much and loves being at the library.

My favorite thing this week was… On Wednesday MOTS made a delicious Lentil Soup from her Egypt activity book. It was pretty cool to eat what the people we are studying might have eaten. It was hard to get behind eating a piping hot bowl of soup when it’s 101° outside. Oh well, maybe that’s how the Egyptians felt, too!

What’s working for us… This year I have turned over quite a bit of responsibility to MOTS in regards to her schoolwork. I write down what I expect to be completed in a week for her and it becomes her responsibility to complete it in whatever manner she likes. I was careful to sit with her and explain what it might look like, but I am trying to stay out of it as much as possible, only checking her records at the end of the day. I also stated that I did not want to see any marathon math sessions, because I still get dragged in on that quite a bit and I need time off!

She did well this week, completing the bulk of her assignments by Thursday and just cleaning up some loose ends this morning. We have agreed to plan for a four-day week every week, with the understanding that any incomplete assignments will be finished on Friday at the expense of having an extra free day. I’ll need to refine her assignment sheet some, but I do like that she is taking a little more responsibility and I have removed myself from being the chief nagging officer when it comes to completing schoolwork.

Questions/thoughts I have… I bought the ToG DE version. Everything exists digitally and I print off what we need every week. Honestly, it’s everything I always wanted Sonlight to be. From the get go I wanted a digital version of their Instructor’s Guide. I wanted maps that I could print for the kids to mark. I could never get that from Sonlight. Don’t get me wrong, we got a lot of good books from them, but I underestimated how much I would love being able to wield a bit more control over the paper.

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Library magazines


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