Project Life | Week 27

This week was a little tougher than most. I feel pressed for time. I didn’t want to sit down and make these pages, but I also hate the feeling of letting things sit for too long. I am trying to break out of procrastinating. So I decided to at least work on them. I threw a load of clothes in the dryer and told myself that I could work on this weeks pages until the dryer was done. At least then I know I would be started and coming back to finish later when I wasn’t feeling so harried would be okay.

I finished the pages before the dryer was done. And, honestly, I felt a little more calm when I was done. The To Do list felt a little more manageable.

Left Page


MOTS doing schoolwork and a random picture courtesy of Chaos.

Right Page


Water balloon fight documentation. They had so much fun!


One thought on “Project Life | Week 27

  1. Leanne says:

    I am wondering how you do your digital pages? is it a template?

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