Homeschool Mother’s Journal | Week 3

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week… Fairly routine. Started Monday morning getting some dental work taken care of. I hate waiting for the numb to wear off, but I am sure happy that they can numb my mouth before the work starts. I took my iPhone in with me and listened to 2 episodes of The Digi Show while they were working in my mouth. It passed the time and helped me focus on something besides my teeth!

In our homeschool this week… We wrapped up week 4 of school. MOTS seems to be finding math easier these days – or the practice is finally paying off. I am not sure which. Hollywood is still improving her reading, which is nice. She’s excited about going to the library these days because there are so many books that she can read all by herself! We seem to be schooling pretty much between 10 and 3. I’d like to see that pushed back, especially if we are going to fit science in there somewhere. I am aiming for 9 to 3 by Labor Day. I’m okay with a more relaxed start time in the summer.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Schedule (roughly) one week at a time. This is hard-won advice, trust me. I always want to schedule a full semester or even a full year, but I have learned that things never go as planned! Now I schedule on Friday for the upcoming week. It saves me the hassle of rescheduling everything a million times. I know some moms that can write in what they did every day, but when I tried that I went 3 weeks before I realized that we hadn’t done a science lesson. Doh!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… It’s too hot to really go anywhere! The highs have been around 112° so we have closed the blinds pulled the curtains and stay under the ceiling fans as much as possible. Library and grocery store. And me to the dentist.

My favorite thing this week was… On Monday afternoon I laid down for a quick nap after I was done at the dentist. While I was resting Hollywood looked through her craft book (Old Testament      ) and found a craft to do. She made a Spice Chart all by herself, carefully drawing a grid, placing a spice sample in each space and meticulously labeling each sample. No prompting from me at all. I was so impressed with her work!

What’s working for us… location, location, location. I set up my computer and notebook in the dining room. I can see into the office where the girls do their computer work and still hear what’s going on in Chaos’ bedroom. The girls trade out working on the computer and working at the dining room table with me. It works much better than being on the other end of the house from each other!

Questions/thoughts I have… What is everyone using for science this coming year? It’s the subject I struggle with the most as far as finding curriculum.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Love it!


One thought on “Homeschool Mother’s Journal | Week 3

  1. Jennifer says:

    What do you want to teach in science? You know I can give you a whole curriculum or bits and pieces of what you want to cover and a bazillion resources.

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