Weekend Scraps | August 15th

A couple of pages…

I made this one with a picture of my Mom and Dad on their wedding day. Weren’t they so young? I couldn’t remember when they got married, and I thought it was 1973. Turns out I was one year off – it was 1974. I fixed it on my copy.


Journaling: This picture always makes me smile. In part it’s because they were so happy. In part because they are still that happy 38 years later. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the decisions you make in the heat of the moment ultimately become the legacy that you leave – the example that you set. Looking back now I can see how hard it must have been sometimes when things weren’t going well, when disaster struck. Thank you for showing us the meaning of forever. Thank you for showing us the meaning of love.

August PMP Template at Peppermint Creative, Jamie Harmon (FREEBIE)
Classic Wedding Collection, Miss Mint | Peppermint Creative

This one is one of my favorite pictures from this summer. Chaos was so proud of his goggles!


Rainbow Joy Papers + Elements, Miss Mint | Peppermint Creative


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