Around here…

…we are deep in the throes of school. Lots of math, reading, history, etc.

…I am trying to get a little more organized. Not so much with clutter coontrol, just overall day-to-day flow of the schedule and taming the paper beast that comes in every afternoon with the mail.

…my vacuum cleaner has died broken taken a leave of absence. It is going to the vacuum hospital to be resuscitated tomorrow. Hopefully. I think it needs a new clutch.

…attitudes are being manually adjusted. A certain three-year-old has taken to calling people “poopy pants” when he doesn’t get his way. That same three year old has been spending a bit of quality time in his room, segregated from the general population.

…I just realized that the above makes it sound like I work in a prison. I don’t. Not even close. Unless prisons have lots of Legos.

…I made chore cards for Hollywood. I’ll get back to you on whether or not they help at all.

…I need coffee. I think I will go make some right now.


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