School Days

School has taken over my life for the moment. We are just two weeks away from finishing our first quarter! Yay! It’s a mad push to get to that point – this schedule is new for this year.

We have schooled year-round for a few years now and I really like the flexibility that the year-round schedule offers. The downside was finding a good stopping place in the schedule to take a break. I hated being in the middle of a read-aloud or new math concept only to have a break scheduled. Then you always spend time refreshing everyone on what had happened where you left off.

That all changed this year. Tapestry of Grace is already broken into 4 nine-week units. So everything is neat and tidy and has a natural stopping place. Well, except math and science, but I digress.

I just adjusted our schedule for the rest of the year and it looks like we’ll take a long break in December and still finish the year mid-May.

At any rate, I am on my toes most of the day answering questions about fractions (shoot me now) and prime numbers (please kill me) and reviewing multiplication tables (for pete’s sake, help me!) and then moving on to talk about the Ancient Mesopotamians (or ancient potatomens and Chaos refers to them).

The days are long, but the years are short, so I am doing my level best to appreciate this time buried in flash cards and sight words and hearing all about Fancy Nancy and Houdini and how prime numbers are going to destroy us all.

It’s fun, if a little time consuming! And I get to look forward to having all of December off. So there’s always that!


Sight word flash cards in neat stacks – the second set. The first set has mysteriously disappeared…


One thought on “School Days

  1. Kelly says:

    I like the idea of schooling year round but not the reality of it. We ended up moving to a more traditional school schedule in order to avoid mom burnout. I am glad it works for you though as I really do think it is probably the best way to go.

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