I love being the hero.

So, Party Boy worked from home. We sit at the dining room table when this happens because if we sit in the living room the TV is too dostracting (along wit the legos, kids running through, etc.). The dining room is out of the way, so I can do my work around the house and the kids can be in the house and doing schoolwork and stuff and stay out of the way.

But, I digress.

Anyway, I had my computer up there too and he got a call from a friend that he works with. During the call my ears perked up when he asked about a baby. Turns out this friend’s wife is due this month! I jumped over to Babies R Us and found their registry, ordered a gift, had it wrapped, wrote the gift message and had it paid for and in process for shipping before the call ended.

Party Boy: We need to send a gift to them.

Me: Done.

P: What? What do you mean? You didn’t even know she was…. (trailing off)

Me: It’s done. I took care of it.

P: You. Are. Amazing.

Seriously, the interwebs made me a hero in my own house. I love it. It makes me happy.


One thought on “I love being the hero.

  1. Love this post… you rock, my friend 🙂

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