Beach Vacation Wrap-up

I posted the parasailing pictures in this post, if you missed them.

Our days mostly consisted of eating and playing on the beach and in the pool. Party Boy said it was the definition of vacation – “Having nothing to do and all day to do it.”

The minute we were unpacked the kids got into their bathing suits and headed down to the beach. The sand, the water, the waves. It’s therapeutic. They checked things out, but it was getting dark pretty quick so we headed back up the pool so they could swim.


We ate most meals in our condo, in part because it’s just cheaper that way, and in part, because it was nice to have nowhere to go. We did go out twice. We went one night to Cobalt’s for dinner. They’re right on the beach, so we ate outside and watched the sunset. They had amazing dinners! We started with Firecracker shrimp and crab claws, then had some pecan crusted catfish and blackened salmon.


It was a nice treat to go out and relax on the patio with a cool sea-breeze blowing. We chatted about this-and-that and ate and watched people walk by on the boardwalk. It was relaxation at its finest.


Most days we woke up, ate breakfast and headed down to the beach with our stuff. Umbrella, chairs, toys, boogie boards. Everything you could need to pass the time as we sat and watched the horizon. The kids would play happily, digging and building castles and animals in the sand. The first few days the hurricane in the south of the Gulf made the waves really rough which was great boogie boarding for the girls, but too rough for Chaos’ taste. Friday finally brought calmer seas and Chaos was able to paddle around on the boogie board.


The greatest part of the vacation was getting to spend time with Party Boy. I mean really spend time. No work, no phone calls. Reconnecting. Talking about dreams, hopes, plans. Talking about Machiavelli and Galileo and economic theory.


One of my favorite activities is walking along the beach and seeing the other beach goers and what they’re up to. There were a lot of fishermen this year, which was both fascinating and annoying. I don’t know if there’s a season for fishing, but we didn’t see any of that last time we were there. We got to see the amazing fish that they pulled in, but had to keep the kids clear of the water to avoid getting hooked. The most interesting catch was a baby nurse shark that the fisherman let Chaos pet before releasing it back into the ocean.


The birds were also plentiful this year. We saw Sandpipers and Seagulls, Herons and Pelicans. They flew by, teasing us with their grace and occasionally attacking the children foolhardy enough to bring waffles to the beach. It was amazing to watch them fly in formation and dive bomb for food.


Just like last time we went out on Thursday afternoon to The Track, a local entertainment venue and spent some time doing something not sand related. Mini-golf is highly entertaining with this crew. Hollywood trying to cheat a bit. Chaos convinced that helping everyone entailed picking up the ball and dropping it into the hole for you. It was the best game of mini-golf I ever played as far as my score – a hole-in-one on every hole.


There were bumper boats where water shoots from the front. I got to sit out and hold phones and cameras and car keys. Everyone else navigated their boats around the pool and came out completely soaked.


This was the first year that Chaos was big enough to ride along on the go-karts. He loved it, truly. The kid has a need for speed.


After playing at The Track we went down the road and had dinner at our hand’s down favorite restaurant, Lulu’s. Owned by Lucy Buffett (sister to Jimmy Buffett) this place just oozes cool. A live band, yummy food and a table overlooking the intracoastal waterway. I love Lulu’s.



Friday was our last day on the beach. It was beautiful. The water was like glass, there was only a slight breeze. And then at the end of the day we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset, almost as if Orange Beach was wishing us safe travels as we left the next morning. I can’t wait to go back again.


P.S. Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

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One thought on “Beach Vacation Wrap-up

  1. Ginger says:

    What a fun vacation! I can’t wait until the boys are a bit older and we take them to the beach. Such great memories!

    And MOTS? she looks just like you. I have always thought, when looking at her pictures, that I am seeing you…back when we were kids.

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