Ten on the Tenth of the Tenth

On the 10th of October my Pediatrician gave to me:

10 minute eye exams

9 used tissues

8 packs of samples

7 packets of info

6 vaccines

5 trinket toys

4 sheets of stickers

3 nasal flu mists

2 grouchy kids

and another round of well-checks all done.

That’s right. It was our annual pilgrimage to the pediatrician. There were no embarassing incidents like last year, but we did have a new experience in trying to do an eye exam on a 4-year-old.

This newly minted 4-year-old, as a matter of fact.

Birthday Boy is 4!

Happy Birthday Buddy! Sorry we started the day with 4 shots. It wasn’t fun, but you were a trooper, and cheered right back up once you got your stickers and sucker and bouncy ball. We celebrated lunch at Chik-uh-flay, then bought a tube of baby dinosaur figurines at Hobby Lobby.

I love you so much. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of boybarians.

Hope you have a great day!


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