Homeschool Mother’s Journal | Week 12

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week… Party Boy has been out of town all week. That’s just hard. It just is. Still working on stuff for the new house and getting ducks in a row on that “little” project. I updated my phone and iPad to iOS5 and succeeded in duplicating everything in my calendar to appear no less than 4 times on each device. It has been a bit of a pain to go in and clean that up.

In our homeschool this week… MOTS took the California Achievement Test (CAT) for the first time ever. Really it was her/our first standardized test. They aren’t required by the state, but I wanted to see where the holes/gaps/problem areas were. She did well and her results reinforced what I already knew. It was a positive experience because seeing the number on the paper showed her what she wasn’t willing to admit. We regrouped and formulated a plan for the rest of the year and plan to test again in the fall of 2012 to track progress. Other than that it was Ancient Americas week, so we looked at the Maya and Inuit as well as studying the geography of North and South America.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… One of the problems that we have been struggling with of late is attitude. From MOTS, everything is stupid! This was driving me insane. Grammar is stupid. Math is stupid. Maps are stupid. Another homeschool mom gently pointed out that MOTS was using stupid to stand for hard, frustrating, difficult, etc. And in some cases just to complain about doing any work. So MOTS and I had a nice discussion about using better words to really relate how she is feeling and that just saying stupid won’t help me help her because I dont know what she really means or needs. Hopefully we can break out of this rather nasty “stupid” cycle.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… We went to the Orthodontist where MOTS got her bottom braces put on. I didn’t tll her beforehand, but the bottom ones hurt me worse than the top. I think that she would now agree with that assessment.

My favorite thing this week was… Captain Chaos drew a fairly accurate representation of a jellyfish all by himself.

What’s working for us… Like I said above, the testing was hard to argue with, so it was nice to have that backed up by numbers on a page. 

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