Weekend Scraps | November 7, 2011

Thankful for You


Thankful Fall Kit; Vintage Buttons; Classic Wedding Elements; Machine Stitches, Vol. 1; Peeled Paper Templates
Miss Mint | Peppermint Creative

Fort Worth Stockyards


For the Minty Mixed Bag Challenge #77
Simple Solids Papers; Machine Stitches Vol. 2; Little Buckaroo
Miss Mint | Peppermint Creative

Instagram Halloween


Fright Night
Miss Mint | Peppermint Creative
Fonts: Billabong + LDJ Eccentric

Journaling: Scary story: I used to bring my big Canon DSLR out on Halloween Night as the kids traipsed all over creation at whatever event we went to for the night. I carried the camera, the bag, and pieces of costume shed by tired kids. Candy buckets would line my arms, all the while the camera strap pulled my hair, chafed my shoulder, and slid down my arm. It was misery. At the end of the night I usually had 2 or 3 pictures to show for it.

Not this year! I left the big camera at home. I brought my phone instead. Oh, I was still a designated pack mule, but I didn’t have to worry about juggling a camera too. A Happy Halloween!

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