December Daily | Days 5 + 6

I finally feel like I am getting into the groove of this project. I think that happens every year, by about day 5 or 6 I start to really get a feel for how I want things to look and stories start becoming clearer. I am always impatient for that to happen and it makes me not love the first few days. I have to force myself to not quit. So glad I didn’t.

Day 5

Left Side


Right Side



Since officially making the leap into competitive swimming, Mondays are the only night that we aren’t out of the house. Between swim practice and church we have something every other day of the week. I was really looking forward to having the day to do what I wanted and needed to do. Only, things went downhill fast.
My to-do list was a mile long by 9 a.m. when the email came in that practices would be cancelled at the end of the week for a big meet in our practice pool. This meant that the girls would need to attend the Monday practice instead. I was immediately and selfishly consumed with the effect that this had on my plans. I was frustrated and irritated because of this new inconvenience in a month that is so jam packed with extras. Nothing to do but make a plan B.
I rushed through as much of my stuff as I could, seeming to find every conceivable way to find every roadblock possible. Simple tasks seemed to take three times as long as normal, the kids were amped up by the holidays and the time off school. By the time we needed to leave for swim I was in a fine mood.
Then, oh the humanity, the practices weren’t back-to-back, which meant an extra hour out of the house and a need to find dinner. I wound up on Google maps hoping and praying that there was an option close by. Babe’s it was. We’d never been there so I needed directions. The kids were complaining of the cold, the truck was slow to heat up. Again with the obstacles. But dinner? A miracle.
Everyone was able to get something they liked. The restaurant was cozy and warm. It was like a switch flipped. And then driving through downtown back to the natatorium, I saw this building all lit up. It reminded me of a little country church. It took my breath away. Suddenly, all of the mishaps of the day seemed insignificant. I had to pull over and take a picture so I could remember the warmth that the white lights brought tonight. It was simple really. The lesson I saw. Focus on what really matters. Simplify. Breathe. Quit getting caught up in the busyness and just be. I parked there by the side of the road long enough to do just that before heading on, spirit refreshed.

Day 6

Left Side


Right Side


Christmas Past by Peppermint Creative; Blue Christmas by Trixie Scraps Designs


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