Project Life | Weeks 50 + 51

Catching up before the end of the year. It just seems…surreal… that 2011 is almost over. I can hardly believe that I completed this project! It’s never happened before. Never, have I managed to stay with a year long photo/scrapbooking project. I still don’t think it would have happened without my phone. I use it for most pictures of the daily stuff now. It works.

I have a few more pages to finish up the December Daily album and quite a few posts bumping around. Now that the holiday madness is behind us I hope to have a little more time to spend blogging.

Week 50

No journaling this week. Most of these pictures appear in my December Daily album along with the associated story. I was comfortable just doing a layout of the week in pictures.

Left Side


Right Side


Week 51

Left Side


Right Side



Project Life 2012

I have a good thing going here with Project Life. I like it, it works for me. I like being able to get the majority of the photos onto pages (that will get printed and into albums) and little stories told. I like the freedom of not having all of those photos weighing on me, wanting to be scrapped.

In 2012 I’d like to write and record more in the moment type things. All of those things that I think I will remember, but don’t. So, I have a book in my purse for that and will be a little more careful to jot things down in the moment. Otherwise, I am happy with my album and hope to complete a second Project Life album in 2012. Will you join me?

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2 thoughts on “Project Life | Weeks 50 + 51

  1. Ginger says:

    I think I might do a Project Life 2012. It is one of my “40 Before 40” goals to do a 365 project and doing the weekly method would be a good start and practice for a 365 project. I think I am going to go the binder route….I really love the idea of being able to capture all those random papers and such that I always want to keep but have nowhere to keep them! And since scrapping digitally is like a foreign language to me…I think starting with a kit will be good. I have so enjoyed seeing your layouts! I look forward to seeing what you do in 2012! 🙂

  2. Yay! I just made a facebook fanpage for fellow project lifers to share ideas, layouts and stuff. Please join! Tell others too!!/pages/Project-Lifers/303710426340518

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