Looking Back | 2011 Goals

Looking back on my word – Focus, I think it was a good choice for 2011. I did focus some. More than ever in many instances. Focus has served me well. Here’s the look back on how I did.


1. One date night per month with Party Boy. This may not necessarily mean going out, but I want to focus our time together.

Looking back over the year, I do think we managed to get 12 date nights, though not one per month. It’s okay. We probably spent more time together this last year than we have since we started having kids. It’s been good for us. Especially since we have been apart for the last month more than ever before in our marriage.  

2. Use chore cards with the kids to help keep the house more manageable.

I did implement this. It works. It works really well. I think MOTS resents it a bit, being that she is nearly 12, but honestly, it works for her. It has been fantastic for Hollywood. Being that she is extremely distractible (thanks ADHD!) the cards help her focus and give her a very real sense of accomplishment. I am thinking about implementing them for school work as well. It is definitely an idea that worked for us.

3. Do one family activity per month.

This varied. I wasn’t as intentional as I wanted to be about planning things, but the times that we did do things together as a family were fun and memorable.


1. Eat Less | Move More – Sounds simple. Maybe I can keep up.

Hmmm. This one is a bit fuzzy. I am a stress eater. The first 9 months of the year were intensely stressful as we readied our house for market, put it on the market and sold it. Thankfully I only gained 5 pounds through all of that, but as I get older the weight gets harder to take off. I moved more for sure, which is probably why I don’t weigh more. Recently I even started a couch to 5k program in preparation for…

2. Participate in at least one organized road race in 2011.

This. It didn’t happen in 2011, but I have already signed up for a 5k in February 2012. I am very excited about it and should be ready to run the full distance in time for the race!

Hearth & Home

1. Be consistent with Flylady. I have the HomeRoutine App on my phone now and it has worked marvelously so far. I just need to keep it up.

I did really well with this. I credit Flylady and HomeRoutines for me being able to stay sane during the time that our house was on the market. Doing a little bit every day and staying on top of routines kept the house pretty close to show ready for 6 months. That’s an accomplishment.

2. Complete home-improvement projects around the house.

This was finished in April before we put the house on the market. 

3. Declutter, declutter, declutter. I want to get rid of at least 25 pounds of stuff.

We actually got rid of almost 200 pounds of stuff. This total was greatly helped by all of the stuff in the garage, attic and storage sheds that had well outlived its usefullness. Amazing what you feel okay getting rid of when you decide you don’t want to move it.


1. Scrap 211 pages in 2011. I joined an online challenge to help keep me motivated.

I did 164 pages in 211. 164. That’s a lot of scrapbook pages. 

2. Complete Captan Chaos’ stocking for Christmas 2011.

This got pushed aside in favor of getting the house ready for market and then having it on the market. Now I think it’s probably in storage with the ret of our Christmas stuff. Oh well. Maybe by Christmas 2013.

3. Read at least one book per month.

Didn’t happen. Thanks George R.R. Martin. I got sucked into the Song of Ice and Fire series and that is one super-long series of books that requires more attention and focus (ironically) than what I usually read. Anyway, I have been reading, but not at my usual pace. 


All in all, I feel really good about 2011. It was a good year and a difficult year. Sometimes both at the same time.

Good-bye 2011.

Welcome 2012.


2 thoughts on “Looking Back | 2011 Goals

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