Kitchen Chaos

Apparently, cupcakes are all the rage these days. Who knew?

One of the girls friends made cupcakes over the weekend and gifted us a half-dozen vanilla cupcakes with peppermint frosting. Yum! Those lasted all of 30 seconds once we got home. They only made it home because the kids were under threat of death if they opened that container in the truck and gobbled up all of the cupcakes before I got one!

So, MOTS decided to try her hand at cupcakes from scratch.


This was a good news/bad news thing for me because I had already eaten all of my calories for the day, though I had a cushion, but I felt obligated to try one. Hmph. Kid’s trying to ruin my diet.

On the other hand, I love cupcakes!


She can’t complain about a lack of help either, although she did occasionally complain about the quality of the help and/or the willingness of the help to listen to her.


Then there’s Demolition Dawg. Faithful companion to Captain Chaos. It is only natural that if there is food being eaten that some should be dropped and Dawg is always there to lend a helping paw to the clean-up efforts. Or snag something from an unsuspecting preschooler.


This one cracks me up! He is so intently focused on the cupcake making, watching her every move. Waiting so patiently for just the right moment, for someone to turn their back or accidently drop a spoon full of batter to the floor.

The beast stalks its prey, waiting for just the right moment to strike…

Sadly, Dawg didn’t get any reward for all of his patient waiting. The kids have gotten too savvy to swing food around wildly or drop much of anything they didn’t already intend to share. And cupcakes? Well, they were yummy and nobody really intended to share those anyway.

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One thought on “Kitchen Chaos

  1. Patti says:

    Oh my — cupcakes. Yes, they’re all the rage now. My 14 year old wants to be a pastry chef, thanks in part to all of the cake and cupcake shows on the Food Network. Look around at bakeries — it’s cupcakes in the windows now, not cakes.

    At least they limit the amount of cake a kid eats. One cupcake per kid. Makes it easy. 🙂

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