The Anniversary Flowers That Almost Weren’t


For as long as he has known me, Party Boy has known that roses are my favorite flowers. In our first house he put in a rose garden for me. There were three large rose bushes and 5 smaller, bush variety that were antique roses. They were beautiful and I loved them.

In the entire time I have known him, he has sent me flowers only once before this (I was rear-ended by a cement truck on my way to work – stressful!). No big deal. He associates sending flowers with apologies and worries that I would immediately assume that he has done something wrong. I have tried to convince him that if he sent flowers often enough that he could train this out of me. Hee. Instead, he chooses to focus on showing me that he loves me in other ways, like taking on tasks that I hate, encouraging me in running, and so on. I am good with that.


So, when our anniversary passed on Monday with us in two different cities I really thought nothing of it when there was no flower delivery to the house.

On Tuesday evening, driving home from swim practice I get this text:

You have been quiet all day. Are you at home?

Now, that’s a weird text coming from him. He normally does not complain about me leaving him alone while he is at work. I figured he was just lonely and shrugged it off. A couple of hours later he calls me, just like usual when he’s out of town. Only he sounded sheepish.


He explained that he had ordered anniversary roses for me, but was concerned that I thought he was doing something wrong when I got them and was punishing him by not acknowledging the bouquet. Nope. They hadn’t been delivered. Not on Monday. Not on Tuesday. I was excited about the flowers, but mostly thought it was funny that he was convinced I was torturing him.

He left a message for the florist and they promised to deliver the bouquet on Wednesday.


No dice. No flowers. No call. He called again and got a promise of delivery on Thursday, which kind of defeated the purpose since he came home Wednesday night. But, I’ll take flowers anytime, so I was not complaining.

Finally, at noon on Thursday, four days after our anniversary, the flowers arrived in a beautiful mirrored vase. Yes, I squealed with delight. Yes, I love them so very much. I love them because they are roses and they are beautiful and so many different colors. I love them because the smell so good and make the house feel like spring. I love them because they make me happy when I look at them.


But, most of all I love them because they remind me that my very dear husband was thinking about me on our anniversary when he was 1,500 miles away from me and so very, very busy and stressed, and he took the time to try and brighten my day in the way that only my favorite flowers could.

You’re the best babe.

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One thought on “The Anniversary Flowers That Almost Weren’t

  1. What a sweet hubby! (and I’d be looking for a new florist.)

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