Simplify Saturday

Every once in awhile I start to feel overwhelmed with certain elements of my life. Over time I have learned that the best way to deal with that feeling is to take a step back and simplify where I can in that area. I do this, because feeling overwhelmed just zaps my ability to think, to be creative, to do much of anything.


And that’s where Simplify Saturday comes in. When I find a way to start simplifying my life (both online and in real life) I’ll post about it here – in Simplify Saturday. I can’t promise that everything I post will be earth-shattering. In all likelihood, it won’t be anything stupendously world-rocking. Just little things here and there.

I include this as an intro, because this first step? Yeah. Not earth shattering.


This week I started avoiding my email inbox. I mean, really, I am a homeschooling mom. How much email should I be getting every day? At final tally I was deleting upwards of 150 messages a day. That does not include emails that I actualy wanted to read which number closer to 5-10 messages a day. I’m talking about long-ago subscriptions to random newsletters, sales alerts to stores I haven’t shopped in years, and general junk mail. I hate dealing with it in my mailbox, but it’s even worse in my inbox. Sure it only takes a few seconds to delete, but those seconds add up and I was missing important messages in the deluge of junk.

The good news is that unsubscribing is easy. Commercial emails always have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. Just click it, be forwarded to a website to verify that you want to unsubscribe and you’re off the list.

I started New Year’s Day and over this week have dropped off of over 40 email lists. Some lists were daily, others weekly. But that’s at least 25 emails a DAY that I won’t have to deal with now.

Even better, I have had to really consider how the email coming to me works for me. I have elected to stay on some lists a little longer and see if I actually read or use the information they contain. My favorite stores send sales messages to their newsletter subscribers, others contain helpful information that I actually use. If I find over the next few days or weeks that the information is not useful I’ll unsubscribe.

The fact is, I refuse to be a slave to my inbox. Just because I provided my email 10 years ago for a 10% off one-time purchase does not mean that we are connected for life. And if I start missing the messages I can always sign back up.

Have you done anything to simplify lately? Leave me a comment cause I’d love to read more about it!


4 thoughts on “Simplify Saturday

  1. Ginger says:

    I have been in subscribing like crazy since Christmas. It is lovely to get less junk!

    As for simplifying…I am in the process of a major home purge!

  2. Candy says:

    Oh, I have been there! We did our home purge last year before moving. The biggest help for me was picking up every item in my home and asking myself if I wanted to pack and move it. If the answer was no, I gave it away.

    Very freeing!

  3. joscie says:

    I have totally unsubscribed to so many lists, it makes me feel better. of course then I keep feeling like something is wrong with my inbox.

  4. loustar02 says:

    Yes, I’ve been doing lots of unsubscribing and feel much better for it. I have to deal with so many emails at work every day anyway that I do not need any more!

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