The Denim Generation Gap

Blue jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. They always have been. I love denim, what can I say? I think it used to give my mother heartburn because I would always choose jeans.

Going to a wedding…can I wear jeans? Thankfully we knew a lot of cowboys, so jeans were occasionally okay.

Out to dinner…dressy jeans.


Well, you get the picture. She wanted a skirt, a dress, culottes. Anything but jeans. I wanted jeans.

I usually won.


I can still remember back to school shopping. Picking out new jeans. Dark blue and still crisp. There was really only one kind of cut – mostly straight leg. Sometimes you could get a taper, and later on Z Cavaricci offered a nice taper.

Now, we never went for high dollar jeans. I still don’t unless I find a new pair in a resale shop. But even then I was really pretty careful with my jeans. Besides, the school had a dress code that frowned on holes in jeans. Mine usually made it through the year, though only sometimes barely. And then the summer would roll in and I’d cut them off and wear them for shorts. See? Jeans are the perfect wardrobe article for a budget.

The other reason I was so careful with my jeans is that I hated those stupid sticky knee patches. They were awful. Still are. My kids have some experience with those because they are way less careful than I was.

That Was Then…

My kids love jeans too. A couple of years ago MOTS got some up close and personal experience with one of those knee patches after she wore her 2-day-old jeans to church and decided to see how far she could slide on her knees across the carpet.


But, of course, holes in jeans are par for the course these days. The patch stayed on for as long as it was able and then got ripped out and thrown away. The hole got bigger and eventually, when it got warn enough we cut them off and she had a nice pair of shorts. But nobody really has a problem with “pre-worn jeans” anymore. In fact, I think you actually pay more for jeans with holes than you do jeans without holes.


Which brings me to last fall when I put a pair of jeans on Chaos and they fit more like capris. Time for new jeans! We headed out to local bastion of Pre-K fashion – Target – and I bought two pairs of jeans and a dinosaur shirt (his pick). One really dark blue, crisp pair and a pair that looks pre-worn – little cuts and holes with a second layer of denim underneath. They’re really pretty cool.


Last weekend in Houston his pre-worn jeans became part of the conversation:

Aunt: Chaos, I really like your jeans.

Chaos: Thanks.

Aunt: Your jeans have a bunch of holes in them.

Chaos: Yup.

Aunt: Why are there holes in your jeans?

Chaos: Cause they’re cool.

Aunt: Did you put all of those holes in your jeans?

Chaos: No! They’re new jeans. New jeans have holes!

Yeah. Not always kid.


These are not the jeans you're looking for.

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2 thoughts on “The Denim Generation Gap

  1. Mary says:

    Gosh, I love me a pair of perfectly broken in jeans!!!! I almost hate to wash them and have to backtrack some… (almost, lol) Cute post!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the web! Please feel free to stop by anytime, I love having visitors!


  2. I’ve never quite understood why people pay more to have holes in their jeans! If you really want worn-out denim, you can always use them to do the gardening in 😉

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