Create a Healthier Lifestyle | Motivation or Lack Thereof


So, I am the queen of procrastination. Seriously. I put the PRO in procrastinate.

In fact, I was telling Party Boy the other day about how I talk myself out of working out. I’ve been running off and on since October and I still haven’t crossed the line of looking forward to running. I think all those runner that pretend to love it are either crazy from over exposure to endorphins are just plain lying to my face. Anyway, I was saying that I can find any reason not to run.

“Oh, I have some where to be in 12 hours. Better not try to workout now.” Because you know, 30 minutes to run and another 30 minutes to shower and get dressed will easily fill a 12 hour day.

“Darnitall, all of my running shorts are in that laundry basket over there and I don’t feel like folding clothes to find them. Oh well.” Laundry is my kryptonite.

“Aw, I forgot to charge my phone last night and it only has 78% of its battery left. Bummer. No run today.” ¬†Nevermind that 78% battery life would last for probably an ultra-marathon of 30+ miles.

This is a truthful representation of my aversion to working out.

Add to that my love for food? And yeah, the scale isn’t budging.

So, what’s a girl who hates working out to do? Do better.

I am starting with a post-it note – It’s only 30 minutes.

I can do 30 minutes. And I always feel better after. Always. EVen if I hate every minute – every step – every “walk now” and “run now” prompt. I need to get over it and just do it.

30 minutes. I can do this.

And yet, I would love to hear about your work-outs? How do you make yourself get up and get moving?


One thought on “Create a Healthier Lifestyle | Motivation or Lack Thereof

  1. I totally sympathize – I always do the whole, well, I’ll have to get ready and then work out and then I’ll have to shower and before you know it that takes like 4 hours!

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