From Pinterest to Reality | January 2012

I could spend hours browsing Pinterest. Seriously. And I tell myself that it is a better use of my time than Facebook because I am making all of these plans! But, who am I kidding, 95% of what I pin will never see the harsh light of reality.

MOTS is not that way. She loves to bring things she sees on Pinterest to life. And if she keeps cooking, I will continue to encourage this habit!


She found this recipe on Pinterest and followed the link back to SkinnyTaste to grab the recipe. She made me a list of ingredients to pick up at the store (after checking to see what we already had, of course) and then made dinner. And provided everyone with the nutrition information. Nice.

Hers turned out pretty well.


Sorry for the lack of composition and poor quality. I am no food blogger. And I was trying to hold off the hungry family long enough to get a quick phone picture! It sure was tasty. I made her promise to make this again. It was way more filling than our usual spaghetti and didn’t seem to be any more labor intensive either. Of course, I won’t complain about a night off from cooking either!

Simple Organic


3 thoughts on “From Pinterest to Reality | January 2012

  1. hopefuldays says:

    Looks yummy – thanks for sharing…

  2. Ok, stop it right now, that looks amazing. I’ll pretend my salad is THIS.

    I love PInterest but I’m the same way — half the things I make never turn out nearly as nice as on there. Must be because they have nice camera lenses. Yeah….that’s it 😉

  3. I haven’t had chance to make anything from Pinterest yet, but I’ve only been on there a couple of weeks (at I will, though. I promise I will…

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