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I gave up caffeine at the beginning of the year. I was completely caffeine free for 3 weeks. I suffered through the headaches, the side-effects of withdrawal, all of it. It was miserable.

Gradually though, I have let a little caffeine back into my diet. I am still not back on coffee every morning, though I did enjoy a coffee at the Olympic Marathon Trials and last Saturday from Starbucks. I have had a caffeinated soda (or as we call them in Texas – Coke) with a few meals.

I wish I could say that the deprivation was worth it, but, it really wasn’t. I didn’t sleep way better. It wasn’t any worse, but it wasn’t noticeably better either. I didn’t see pounds magically melt away because I was drinking more water. Honestly, it was pretty disappointing not to see any major effects of dropping caffeine from my diet.

I have tried to moderate my intake since allowing it back in – I do avoid caffeine after 4. Being without it, I don’t want to accidentally give myself a buzz right at bedtime. I limit my carbonated/caffeinated beverages to 1 per day. It’s water or caffeine free/sugar free tea all other times.

I guess caffeine isn’t the horrendous thing for me that I might have thought it was. Granted, there were some gnarly effects of quitting cold-turkey, but I don’t plan to do that again, so…

Anyone else have experience with going caffeine free? Positives? Negatives?


I am working towards creating a healthier lifestyle in 2012. See all of my posts here.


2 thoughts on “Create a Healthier Lifestyle | Caffeine Free

  1. lasahagun says:

    Try Organogold organic coffees, they contain next to no caffeine but do contain an ancient Chinese herb called ganoderma that will amaze you! You will be pleasantly suprised at how you feel after only a couple of days of drinking this product. Please see my blog for more helpful information on these products, you will not be disappointed. I will follow your journey!

  2. Pam says:

    I have not really noticed a problem with caffeine or caffeine withdrawal, but I’m beginning to think that coffee might be the cause of my chronic gastritis. Oh no! I love my coffee. Stopped by from SITS today. Have a great day! (Seems we have some common interests!)

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