Friday Five | Happiness

Friday lingers for a few more hours and I want to remember it for what made me happy today:

1. We finalized the builders contract today. This means we may actually start building soon. Soon. Very happy indeed.

2. I learned some new HTML coding and played with it for Monday’s blog post. Very cool stuff.

3. I have a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream stashed in the freezer. I will sit and eat the whole thing in one fell swoop. Even if it is 4 servings.

4. Thanks to a dear, sweet friend (who I actually consider a brutha from another mutha) I found a ringtone that makes me deliriously happy every time someone calls. It’s Hedwig’s Theme, in case you were wondering.

5. I wore cute new shoes today. I felt sassy. 🙂

What’s making you happy today?


One thought on “Friday Five | Happiness

  1. j o says:

    1. Waking up to an unexpected post on my Facebook wall
    2. Coconut cream cake I made for our luncheon
    3. Group text messages with my besties
    4. Purple tutus and 4 and 5year old princesses
    5. The thought of sleeping past 6am tomorrow morning.

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