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Last week I wrote about the epic disaster of my first training session. Seriously, I tried, but Tom wouldn’t admit that I was his worst client EVER. I think I probably am, but he sure isn’t saying so. He was a little surprised to see me back last Wednesday, I think. What can I say. The gauntlet had been thrown down – can Candy complete a session without throwing up?

I love a challenge.

I am happy to report that Wednesday sessions go really well. No lightheadedness or dizziness or nausea. Wednesdays are good.

On Monday, I got pretty dizzy and had to lay on the floor again – why, Monday, why?

That first nightmare session has been chalked up to lack of food. I ate lunch early, got busy and forgot a snack before my 3 p.m. session. Low blood sugar and a hard workout aren’t a good combo apparently. Who knew?

This last Monday I learned all about not holding my breath during weight training. That’s what caused the drop in blood pressure and resulted in light-headedness and dizzy feelings. Tom explained it all and he used lots of big words, but big words make me sleepy, so I don’t realy remember beyond what’s here. Don’t hold your breath!

I recovered pretty quickly and I finished the workout, including a killer ab workout.

Gym Husband

The thing is, as much as I like to hate on my trainer, I also really like him. He’s a good guy and he motivates me to get my fluffy butt to the gym at least twice a week. I went a few other days and he always made a point to come over and say hi and razz me for not working harder.

And now he wants control of my diet (counting calories and eating healthy – sigh). And my sleep schedule (I am the sleeping queen – 7 hours a night? I got this!). Also, I have to work out 6 times in a week (Wah!). Like I said, he’s my gym husband. He nags.

But you know what? I am working out harder than I ever have before and in each session since that first one have burned over 500 calories. You read that right. 500 calories burned in an hour. Not too shabby and way more than I was doing by myself.

And bonus points, cause the guy’s a runner,too, and he’s helping me with the recurring Plantar Faschitis in my right foot. Although today the tears came back when he hit the trigger spot on my calf.

I’d have hit him if I could have reached him.

Learning a Lesson

So, my lesson in this? I can do this. Party Boy always said I could and he even tried to train with me. He knows his stuff around the gym, but it’s too hard for me to have him bossing me around the gym and then having to look at him over dinner. Plus, he probably goes too easy on me cause he loves me and stuff. I wish I’d have listened to him years ago*.

Even better than knowing I can do this?

I put on my skinny jeans today. And they buttoned.

Oh yeah.

*Yes, I can’t believe I put that in writing either, but he deserves the props. He’s been my biggest cheerleader all these years and I blew him off thinking that he was only saying that because he loved me. Turns out he was right all along. What can I say?


I am working towards creating a healthier lifestyle in 2012. See all of my posts here.


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