Scrap Tales | March 19, 2012


I’m back! Whew. Last week was a mess what with being jet-lagged, and the time change messing with my head and the nightmare of losing so much work from iPhoto. I’ll have a post later this week about my move to Aperture and how that’s all going and my plans going forward.

I did manage to get a scrap break over the weekend, mainly because of the new Trixie Scraps Designs release Out of This World. I just had to go grab those Buzz Lightyear pictures. Seriously, they were begging to be scrapped. No, really…

I did a two-page spread for this one.


A closer look at the left hand page.


And a closer look at the right hand page.


Products I used:

See more of my scrapbook pages and projects in the gallery.

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One thought on “Scrap Tales | March 19, 2012

  1. donna miller says:

    VERY, VERY COOL!!! LOVED IT!! Grandma

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