Project Life 2012 | Week 9

A couple of weeks behind. It’s okay. I know from my experience last year that it’s easy to catch back up. I am glad that I finished this layout before iPhoto imploded. I’ll get the remaining layouts done this week probably and post them next week.

Just for kicks I’m throwing in the layouts from this week last year. Thought it would be fun to compare…

Left Side


Right Side


Week 9 2011

Left Side


Right Side


Products I Used

Krisi’s Kreations | One Happy Mama

Project Life is the creation of Becky Higgins.

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6 thoughts on “Project Life 2012 | Week 9

  1. Krisi says:

    What fun to compare each year! Great pages.

    I host a digital link up each week and would love to have you link up as well.

  2. love it, love that you included your to-do list!

  3. kj007 says:

    sorry you had to go to the emergency room, I do however like how you did that element crossing the photo over 2 small slots and one big, that looks great.

  4. Camilla Blue says:

    I love how you compared this year and last year. I recognize the kit you used last year, it’s one of my favorites!

    ER trips with kids are so scary. We had one this last year with my then six year old who fell off his chair and broke flesh on the back of his head. It scares you to death! I trust all is well now.

    Your pages look great. I love the clean bright look of them!

  5. EK says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I love the pic of the pb&j – I keep telling Bindi that she is going to turn into a peanut butter sandwich one day. Oh, so sorry about the trip to the ER! We’ve had a couple of those with each child, ugh. Scary!

  6. April says:

    love the ‘look’ of your pages…and PB&J picture is great!

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