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We spent a week in San Diego earlier this month. It was a glorious vacation and one our family really needed. Really, it was a celebration trip serving two purposes – Party Boy’s graduation from his MBA program last summer and the completion of the project that kept him travelling all fall and winter.

We stayed at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort which has a gym and I was excited about that. Until I got there. The gym and spa were in an out building on the other side of the hotel which made it a pain and our schedule did not allow a whole lot of time to work out. There were a couple of days that I could have worked out, but really, I lost all semblance of motivation. It was vacation after all.

What I did

Almost every day we were out touring somewhere in the city. A very hilly city, at that. Walking was the first step (ha!). Tom the Trainer has been drilling into my head that the reality is that fitness is 20% workout and 80% diet, so while the walking was good I also know that I could potentially ruin everything by bingeing like I was on vacation.

I made it a practice to share meals with MOTS. She’s old enough for the adult menus at most places, but not quite big enough to actually eat a full meal. I could eat a full meal, but don’t need the calories. It was a perfect arrangement. Alternatively, where meals were smaller, the girls split a meal and I shared with Chaos. Either way I didn’t eat a full meal by myself except when we had pizza, and even then we ordered conservatively.

I also chose to drink tea and water most of the time. Splenda for sweetener when needed to conserve calories. I would say I had 2-3 carbonated beverages the whole week. I was actually pretty proud of that knowing that I tend to drink most of my calories…

The verdict

I came back from vacation not hating myself. So that’s a good thing. I don’t know about weight gain or loss, because I have made it a practice to stay off of the scale as much as I can. Instead, I can report that I didn’t find any tightening of my clothes. That’s what I was most excited about. I got to go relax, enjoy my vacation and I didn’t come back needing a new, larger wardrobe.


I am working towards creating a healthier lifestyle in 2012. See all of my posts here.


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