Conversations with Chaos | April 2012

Little Bored Cowboy

This one was actually between my Mom and Chaos.

Chaos gets in trouble.

Mom: So, what usually happens when you get in trouble?

Chaos: Nuthin’

M: Really? I thought you had to go to time-out?

C: Oh YEAH! I LOVE time out!

M: What?

C: Yeah. I love time-out. I get to play and get out all of my toys and be all by myself and nobody bothers me.

M: I don’t think time-out is supposed to be fun.

C: Well, it is.

{Time-out. Clearly I am doing it wrong.}


2 thoughts on “Conversations with Chaos | April 2012

  1. donna miller says:

    Way to go Candy……..Super-Grandpa said he would like to be in time-out with Chaos. lol

  2. rachelcotterill says:

    That’s cute 🙂 It’s nice that he likes to have some “me time”!

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