Currently | April 9, 2012


…to the dryer running in the background and the latest episode of The Digi Show. There something homey and comforting about the sounds of laundry running while I get other things done. I did find (thanks Pinterest!) that setting my iPhone in a glass really does amplify the sound quite a bit. I don’t know that it would provide sound over a busy party, but it definitely makes it easier to hear.


Oatmeal with berries and brown sugar. It’s all about healthier choices these days, with the occasional plate of barbecue thrown in.


Water. It’s not my favorite, but I am really trying to cut back on other drinks. I still drink coffee in the morning and Diet Dr. Pepper with dinner, but try to stick to water in between meals and when I am working out.


Oh yikes. Okay, in total honesty? Yoga pants and a tank top. Remember the laundry mentioned above? My shorts are all in some stage of being cleaned and I have a nasty sunburn on my shoulders that just makes a tank top more comfortable. Oh, and SOlarcaine for the sunburn.


Really good. Better living through chemistry, though, with a daily dose of Claritin. Is it just me or did allergy season get a little bit of a late start this year even though spring got here early?


Typical spring-time in Texas. It’s been foggy and cloudy this morning. Overcast, gray, and muggy. It’s supposed to burn off later today and we should have a fairly sunny and warm spring day to enjoy.


To finish out this school year! We are so close and I can feel spring fever setting in. I find myself longing to spend days at the pool, watching junk TV, playing video games, and just generally having very little to do every day.


To go get some new shoes for Party Boy. He’s the only family member that hasn’t gotten new shoes this week, and we discovered last night that he needs new running shoes. Why do all of our shoes seem to blow out at the same time?


About some layouts that I need to get done. Sometimes layouts just come together and other times they….don’t. Today is a “don’t” day. I have stuff open and I have pictures picked out and edited, but I just can’t seem to go any further. We’ll see. Sometimes it just takes muscling through it to get over a creative wall.


The new season of Mythbusters – I especially loved the Desert Island Duct Tape episode. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Food from the grill. The anticipation of the summer blockbuster season.

Just thought it would be good to take a minute and remember the current happenings.I would love to know what you are up to currently!


One thought on “Currently | April 9, 2012

  1. Jamie R. says:

    we watched that episode of Mythbusters, too! hilarious!

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