Create a Healthier Lifestyle | The Hardest Workout Yet


It’s been awhile since I wrote about my quest for better health. There hasn’t been much to report as I have been doing my workouts, eating okay, and giving my trainer all kinds of heck.

A couple of weeks ago Tom noted that we had been training for several weeks and that he’d need to do a progress update with measurements and body fat calculations. I immediately came home and jumped on the scale. My weight was up. It was a little depressing and I vowed to stay off the scale. I mean, I felt better. I knew I was doing more weight. I knew there was progress, but the scale wasn’t reflecting that.

I continued my workouts and I just put weight out of my mind.

Today I went in a little early for my measurements. It’s not a pleasant experience, having a skin fold measurement done with calipers. Tom’s a good guy, though, and he does his best to be quick and accurate about it. Happily, the measurements went quickly and we sat down to look at the results. I did gain 7 pounds in the last 8 weeks, but the good news is that it’s all muscle! Yay! Even better? I have dropped 6% off my body fat measurement! Yay!

We reformulated the plan going forward. I have to do more cardio if I want the scale number to go down (which I do). I have to be even better about the number of calories I cansume.

After the measurements and conference were done we headed down to the floor to do my regularly scheduled session. I have to be honest, I was stoked about the results and really gave it my best effort. It seemed to be a conglomeration of the most difficult exercises for me – squats, pull-ups, bench press. I was a sweaty, out-of-breath mess by the time we got finished.

As I walked away towards the locker room Tom called me back. He gave me a lopsided grin and said, “That was definitely the hardest workout yet and you finished strong. Congratulations!”

For the first time in years, I am daring to hope that I might have a waistline again soon.


I am working towards creating a healthier lifestyle in 2012. See all of my posts here.


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