Scrap Tales | April 23, 2012



I did this one with instructions from a blind scraplift, which is harder than it sounds, but always results in so many variations of pages! You should come play along

I kind of love this page just because of the journaling. I am trying harder to journal a bit more on my pages, because I know that years from now, all that will matter is the words and the pictures (you can read the journaling below – it’s a bit hard to read on the screen).


Journaling: I don’t think you cared one whit about going to Cabrillo National Monument. But when we got there and you realized that we would be doing a short hike and climbing on rocks to visit the tide pool area? All of a sudden, this was the best thing we had ever done!

You immediately starting looking around for whatever you could find to explore – plants, flowers, signs of wildlife. Everything elicited a cry of pure joy and finding something new.

I think your favorite part, though was climbing all over the rocks and the rocky shoreline in the tidepool area. Everything was a potential mystery to be solved or a new experience to explore.

You can’t buy that kind of excitement and joy for living. Please hang onto that feeling for as long as you can.

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