In the Still and Quiet Hours

Finally asleep

I sit alongside my baby while he tries desparately to settle down.

Reading a story.

He wiggles and squirms.

The book closes.

He plays with the corner of his blankie.

He asks for buggies. I comply, gently tracing my fingers along his back.

He still wiggles. He kicks his feet.



I am restless.

“I can’t be still. My legs have to move.”


“You can be still.”


He tries. He squeezes his eyes shut.

“Buggies please.”

I comply again.

Minutes pass. He gets a little more still.

He rolls to his side and puts his hand on my arm.

He likes that contact. Knowing I am there.

He settles in.

Breathes deep.

Muscles relax.

I watch him breathe evenly. Long eyelashes resting on his cheeks.

Peace. Quiet. Lullabies playing softly.

It is in these still and quiet hours that I can breathe deeply and reflect on the incredible blessings that populate my life. The frustrations and struggles of the day fade away as I watch my children sleep.

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