Justin Timberlake – Harbinger of Doom


I laughed when I saw everyone posting this picture on Facebook on April 30th. I know better now.

At 3:00 p.m. the kids and I left the house to go to swim practice. We have a new schedule for May that started yesterday. So we are driving down the road, approaching a turn and the lady in the lane to my left decided that she so urgently needed over that it didn’t matter that I was already there.

The truck shifted a little, we heard a loud THUNK and scrape. She hit me. In that moment, gas prices aside, I was glad to be driving an SUV.


We pulled off into a parking lot. We were just going to exchange information, but her insurance agent insisted we call the police. We did and they came out, and let me tell you, the officer was less than thrilled about this visit. He checked license and insurance and called in our plates. Then he handed us forms to self-report the accident and get an accident report from the state. I guess I should feel lucky that we weren’t actually billed (yet) for the privilege.

Good News: Nobody was hurt. Both cars were/are drivable.

Bad News: It’s a minimum of $2500 in repair work for my car. I have to deal with insurance. I’ll be without my car for at least a week.

By 4:45 we were back home. My phone rang.

It’s Party Boy breaking the news that he’d just been laid off. It was a positional layoff and not fully unexpected, but still a shock to go from a steady paycheck to jobless. His prospects are good and the overall parting was positive (well, as positive as it could be – not performance related, he’s a valuable asset they were sad to let go, etc.).

Good News: He’s a good employee, a hard worker, and is choosing to look at this as an opportunity. We’re okay. We’re healthy. And my parents haven’t kicked us out. Yet.

Bad News: Do I really need to lay that out?

So, May Day was rotten for us. I promise you Justin Timberlake – our calendars are now N’ Sync, and I will never laugh at your totally awesome hair again.


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