It’s been a long week.

It really, really has.

We took my SUV in to be appraised for damages. Thankfully the other party’s insurance company has been very easy to work with. They’re covering 100% of the repair. Still, we have to wait a week to take it in so they have time to order parts and another week for the repairs to be done. I had Party Boy drive it, just in case it was acting weird. He thinks it’s fine, and the damage is limited to the cosmetic. So that’s good.



We’re still working through the aftermath and details of the layoff. It’s been an adjustment having PB home so much. Staying busy is good for all of us, I think. Busy, busy. I am eager to share the whole story, as it is a true testament to God’s provision, but the whole story hasn’t been written yet, so I will wait.



We’ve had a standing plan to go see this movie on opening weekend since we saw the teaser for it at the end of Captain America last year… We went this morning (matinee price baby!) and – It. Was. AWESOME! I kinda want to see it again and we will so be buying the DVD when it comes out. LOVED IT! And truthfully, the mini-escape to the Marvel Universe was just what we all needed.


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