Summer Fun Ideas

Summer vacation is fast approaching. I decided to get a jump on summer by making a list of 50 things to do with the kids during these hottest months of the year. There’s lots of ideas out there, but I culled them down to the activities that I thought we’d actually do. And FYI, lots of these are pinned on my Summer Sanity Savers Pinterest board.

1. Make popsicle stick bracelets

2. Rainbow Popsicles

3. Alphabet Photo Walk

4. $1 summer movies

5. Play Jacks

6. Leaf rubbings (identify trees)

7. Go Star-gazing

8. Make pet rocks

9. Make paper dolls

10. Make sidewalk chalk paint

11. Magic Playdoh mix

12. Pom-pom wars!

13. Bubble Snakes

14. Glow in the Dark drinks

15. Make Ice Cream in a bag

16. Feed the ducks

17. Movie Bingo

18. Summer Smash Book

19. Make pinwheels

20. Independence Day lanterns

21. Sun prints

22. Make Cloud Dough

23. Play cards

24. Make S’mores

25. Jolly Rancher suckers

26. Paper Rockets

27. Fizzle Paint

28. Tie-dye T-shirts

29. Friendship bracelets

30. Glow stick lanterns

31. Make yarn bracelets

32. Fireworks Floats

33. Make a Lego movie

34. Homemade slurpees

35. Library – summer reading program

36. Fruit kebabs

37. Make a hovercraft

38. Pick Your Own Fruit

39. Visit a sprinkler park

40. Go bowling

41. Go to a concert

42. Watch fireworks

43. Go Camping (probably indoors)

44. Get snow cones

45. Make glow-in-the-dark slime

46. Bubble blowing contest

47. Museum trip

48. Hiking

49. Swimming

50. Happy Hour at Sonic

What are you doing to stay cool and entertained this summer?


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