Project Life 2012 | Week 18

A week behind.

It is starting to feel like the story of my life.

At least I got this one done.

I’ll start working on the following week (or weeks, as the case may be) when and if I have time. The layouts don’t take that long – I just need to have a free moment to sit down and do them.

I think I probably coud have gotten these pages done before, but I really didn’t want to do them. It’s hard to scrap difficulty in life. It’s not that I want my scrapbooks to be a false reflection of life, or even only focus on the happy stuff. It’s just that for me, scrapping difficulty is easier done through the lens of time, when the chapter is completed. Scrapping difficulty in the middle? Much harder.

But it’s done and now we move on.

Left Side


Right Side


Products I Used

Krisi’s Kreations | One Happy Mama

Project Life is the creation of Becky Higgins.

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One thought on “Project Life 2012 | Week 18

  1. I’m so sorry for all the difficulties you are having right now. I’m going through a rough time as well and haven’t wanted to work on Project Life or post anything on my blog or even get into the studio and paint. So I guess I just wanted to say thank you for posting this; it really helps… if that makes any sense?

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