Friday Five | May 18, 2012

Just a quick update on the goings-on in my head and life. {Gah! Saturday’s half over and I just realized that I never posted this. Welcome to my life!}

1. Job News

Exciting news on this front. HE GOT A JOB!

The offer came in on Thursday for a job that he was very interested in. As the details unfolded we were keenly aware of the prayers that were answered, and how intensely fortunate we are that a new job came as quickly as this one did. Words can’t really express honestly how blessed we feel right now.

He starts on Monday.

2. Tahoe News

So we took my Tahoe to the body shop on Monday for the appointment to get it all fixed up after our little incident. We got a rental – a little Hyundai Sonata. Not great, but it would get us around for the time that we were without our own car.

On Tuesday I drove the girls out to the pool for their swim practice. On the way home the car started making a strange whistling noise followed by a weird almost grinding noise. I was on the highway, so I pulled off and parked so I could try and figure out if this was an issue that needed emergency attention or if we could get home.

Turns out the undeside of the Sonata is covered by plastic and that plastic had been previously damaged and was now hanging down beneath the front bumper and rubbing against the wheel. I shoved it back into its slot and finished driving home.

Paryt Boy took the car back the next morning. They apologized – said it was standard wear and tear on that vehicle (YIKES!) and scrambled to find us a replacement vehicle. Thankfully we were presented with a mini-van. Granted, not my favorite style of vehicle, but this one is fully loaded and the kids want to keep it and its DVD system. I just want my Tahoe back, though it looks like that won’t happen until mid next week.

3. 31 Things

I am taking a class with Jen over at Big Picture Classes called 31 Things. It’s led by Ali Edwards and focuses primarily on writing. We’re two days in and I am really enjoying myself. Jen is sharing her stuff on her blog. I haven’t decided if I will or not. Maybe. Still thinking on that one.

4. Swim Meet, Part Deux

Hollywood and MOTS both competed in a swim meet last weekend. Hollywood had a great time swimming in her very first competition and did really well. MOTS shaved time off of her previous race and was VERY pleased with her performance. Overall, we all had a great time and thouroughly enjoyed watching the girls swim.

5. Weekend Plans

I think I may have some free time this weekend – I really want to scrap some. Catch up on Project Life. Do some writing. Yeah.


One thought on “Friday Five | May 18, 2012

  1. donna miller says:

    Don’t know how you do ALL this…….But we Love it, helps us to know what is going on in you guys life. Keep up the good work.!! Love you, Screwballgramps & grandma

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